15th Annual Scientific Sessions:

The Power of Metabolism
Linking energy supply and demand with contractile function

Weimar, Germany • 3-6 September 2017



  • Registration fees

      Early Registration
    (until 13 July 2017)
    Late Registration
    (until 31 July 2017)
    *To qualify for the reduced rate, participants must fall in one of the following categories: student (undergraduate to Ph.D.), postdoc or clinical fellows; postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the discount. A confirmation must be provided by the direct supervisor (further details are available during registration procedure).
    **The fee covers meals and the excursion on Tuesday; it does not allow access to the scientific sessions or poster viewing.
    Regular Registration $ 625 $ 800
    Student/Trainee Registration* $ 425 $ 550
    Guest Registration** $ 150 $ 150

    The deadline for early registration is 13 July 2017.

    The price for (non-sponsor) Corporate participants is $ 1200. Please contact the organisation before registering.

    The "complete package" (regular or students/trainees) entitles delegates to the following:

    • Entry to all scientific sessions and poster viewing.
    • A copy of the Programme & Abstracts book.
    • All coffee breaks and meals, including the Gala dinner on Tuesday.
    • Excursion on Tuesday afternoon.

    The registration fee does not include accommodation. Check the Accommodation tab for more details on this subject.

    Please note that the meeting is limited to 150 participants. You are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible (if overbooked, registrations will be closed).

    Cancellation policy

    Cancellations with a refund request must be sent by e-mail to the secretariat and must be accompanied by a valid justification. Refunds will be decided case by case by the organising secretariat. If accepted, cancellations by 10 August 2017 will be refunded less 50% of the registration fee; no refunds will be provided after 11 August 2017.

  • Guidelines for Abstracts


    Abstracts are accepted exclusively through your personal mySHVM page; you will need to register to have access to the latter. Registration does not require an immediate payment but all submitted abstracts will be discarded if payment is not received by 13 July 2017.

    Submission deadline to be considered for oral presentation is 19 June 2017. The Scientific Committee will then review the received abstracts for inclusion in the scientific programme in one of the following formats:

    • Oral Abstract Sessions
      Selected abstracts will be presented during specific symposia as deemed appropriate by the organising committee.
    • Poster Abstract Session
      Posters will be displayed throughout the meeting, with ample opportunity for presentation and discussion.

    The organising committee will communicate to the authors via e-mail by 27 June 2017 whether their abstract will be an oral or poster presentation.


    • The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
         This title is written correctly
         This Title is Not Properly Written
    • If more than one author, underline your name (the presenting author, in whatever position you appear in the author list) and use commas to separate the names; do not use 'and' before the last author. The presenting author's first name(s) and surname should be written in full; for all other authors, write first name(s) as initials and surname in full. If more than one affiliation, use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
         Mario Rossi1, J. Doe2, F. Bloggs1,2
         1Dept Biomembranes, Golgi & Veratti Univ., Pavia, Italy
         2Dept Bioblast Analyses, Altmann Univ., Leipzig, Germany
    • The abstract text must be no longer than 1350 characters, spaces included. The text should include the following sections: Rationale, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

    "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award

    The "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (EIA) highlights the scientific accomplishments of promising young researchers and is a major focus of the Annual Congress of the Society for Heart and Vascular Metabolism. There will be four finalists, and for each the registration and accommodation costs will be waived and a personal check of 250 USD will be issued. The finalists will present their work in a special section of the plenary sessions.

    Entrants for the EIA competition should be either students or postdoctoral fellows (postdocs or clinical fellows with over 6 years experience are not eligible for the competition).

    Admission to the EIA competition is by submission of an abstract and a curriculum vitae by the abstract deadline. In the event that an entrant is not selected as an EIA finalist, the abstract will still be considered for presentation as a regular communication at the meeting and for publication as part of the meeting proceedings.

    Previous winners of the "William C. Stanley" Early Investigator Award (or its precursor, termed "Early Investigator Commendation") are not eligible for this competition.

    A more detailed document regarding the EIA can be obtained through this link .

    The EIA application deadline is 19 June 2017, and notification of commendations will be given by 27 June 2017.


    English is the official language for the meeting.


  • Accommodation

    Accommodation for all SHVM participants will be at the Dorint Hotel (Weimar, Thüringen, Germany) which will also be the conference venue. Payment for your accommodation is not included in the registration fee: you will be responsible for booking of your room directly and for payment at check-in (most major credit cards are accepted). Accommodation costs will be 130 EUR per night for one person in a single room and an additional 19.50 EUR for an additional person per night.

    You are strongly advised to book your accommodation as early as possible to ensure the lowest rate. Reservation form .

  • Social programme

    All social events, except the guided tours on Monday, are included in the registration fee.

    Sunday, 3 September

    Get-Together-Evening at the Dorint Hotel

    Regional buffet and barbeque: eat German food, drink German beer, meet all your friends.

    Monday, 4 September

    Fantastic guided tours through Weimar‘s great places and history. Only for the accompanying guests. Registration required: 10 euro per person (to be paid in cash only at the "Social Events" desk).

    Scenes of literature (10:30–12:30)

    Where was world literature created in Weimar? Where were classics of the stage first performed? Where exactly did some of Weimar’s seventy writers at the beginning of the twentieth century live? This guided tour will give you all the answers!

    You need to register to join this tour. You will be picked up at the Dorint Hotel.


    The early Bauhaus (15:00–17:00)

    The Bauhaus (1919-1933) was Germany's most famous school of classical modernist art and design. In 1919, the Grand Ducal Saxon School of Art was amalgamated with the Arts and Crafts Seminar founded by Henry van de Velde in 1907. Under its new name, the "State Bauhaus in Weimar", the school moved into van de Velde's premises. The influence of the Bauhaus was so great that the term "Bauhaus" is often equated with modernist architecture and design. At the Bauhaus, areas which were traditionally kept separate - fine arts, applied arts and performing arts - were brought together under one umbrella concept, which in turn profoundly influenced painting, performing arts and music.

    You need to register to join this tour. You will be picked up at the Dorint Hotel.


    Gasthausbrauerei Felsenkeller

    Monday's dinner (included in your registration fee) will be held at the first Thuringian guest-house brewery "Felsenkeller“, a place with a long tradition. Their historic arches exist since 1792. In 1875, Ludwig Deinhardt bought the brewery from the city of Weimar. This included the rock cellars where the beer was brewed and stored.

    Enjoy the traditional house-brewed beer and delicious food at the "Felsenkeller".


    Tuesday, 5 September

    The old town of classical Weimar (16:30–17:45)

    This guided tour is limited to the old town of Weimar. Here you will see the highlights of the classical era – the places where Goethe, Schiller, Herder and Wieland worked.

    Although free, you need to sign up to join this tour. The tour will begin and end at the Dorint Hotel.

    Interesting places of music in Weimar (16:30–17:45)

    Only some people know that Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked for about ten years in Weimar. Weimar also became a musical "magnet" with Franz Liszt, who was followed by famous names such as Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. You will be given interesting insights into the development of Weimar's musical history.

    Although free, you need to sign up to join this tour. The tour will begin and end at the Dorint Hotel.


    Gala Dinner at Planetarium Jena

    Honorary Dinner Lecture
    Franz von Falkenhausen (Jena, Germany)
    Jena – the science city and Carl Zeiss
    Historical insights from a “Zeissianer”

    Enjoy an extraordinary evening at the world’s oldest planetarium. There will be a fine dinner, great music and a sensational show under the stars! Be part of a fascinating universe – with all the participants here in Jena.

    The departure of the transfer buses to Jena will be at 18:30 outside the Dorint Hotel – please don't be late!

  • Venue

    The Meeting will be held at the Dorint Hotel.

    Beethovenplatz 1-2
    99423 Weimar

    Getting to Weimar

    Weimar is situated in the heart of Germany, approximately mid-way between Berlin and Frankfurt am Main.

    The recommended airports are Frankfurt (FRA) and Berlin (SXF/TXL). These are important international airports and especially Frankfurt offers connections to essentially the whole world.

    Flying into Frankfurt

    If flying into Frankfurt (FRA), please be aware that the airport has its own train station (Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof, Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf, or simply Frankfurt(M) Flughafen when checking train timetables; see below).

    The German rail (DB) website is available also in English and can be used to buy your tickets. Enter FRA Frankfurt Airport or Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf in the From box and Hauptbahnhof, Weimar (Thür) (Weimar central station) in the To box. You will need to change at Erfurt; from there, the trip to Weimar is only 15 minutes. The whole trip Frankfurt-Weimar takes about 3 h, depending on the train. If buying tickets in advance with the "saving fares" option (Sparpreis, in German), be advised that the ticket is only valid on the train(s) specified on your ticket. If you miss the train you will need to pay the full fare, minus a part of the original ticket price.

    Flying into Berlin

    If flying into Berlin Tegel (TXL), take a bus to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof, in German) and, from there, a train to Weimar. Use the German rail (DB) website and enter Berlin Hbf in the From box. You will need to change at Erfurt; for further details, see also the instructions provided above for the trip from Frankfurt airport.

    Berlin has another airport, Schönefeld (SXF). In this case, take the S-Bahn to the main train station; see above for details concerning the train trip to Weimar.

    Other airports

    Closer airports include Leipzig-Halle (LEJ) and Dresden (DRS). These offer many connections to other European cities, as well as some more distant destinations.

    Useful online services to plan your trip

    Many online services are available for flight selections; we advise, for example, skyscanner.

    For train timetables (and the acquisition of tickets), use the German rail (DB) website, available in English and other languages.